What Do YOU Think Caused The Spike In My Blood Pressure?


Updated: See bottom

The Answer, which I apparently already posted on twitter and face oil a few days ago (doh!) is….

Not nearly as interesting as some guesses I heard. No, I didn’t receive a call from my doctor, as I sat there with my arm in the cuff, telling me I was pregnant with triplets. In fact, I’ll just take this time to announce I am NOT pregnant. (To my knowledge. We all know how that goes.).

The Answer isn’t even that I was sitting there immobilized by the machine while I watched Levi escape out the front door or fall from the cart.

The Answer is…

In the first picture I was holding a screaming Levi.

In the second picture, Josh had taken him away.

Levi was very upset that I wasn’t moving or talking and I think he was concerned about the strange black ballon that was tightening over my upper arm, because he was viciously attacking it. Or perhaps he was just jealous. But I guess it turns out that a crying, screaming, antsy, violent baby has a huge affect on my blood pressure.

I was even doing deep breathing exercises to try to calm myself down because at the time I didn’t know I was going to get a second chance.

Yeah, those didn’t work.

So there you have it.

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