Tips to a Better Toddler: Talk Like Steve from Blues Clues



There’s a reason kids like that show.  They like the attention he shows them.  They like the exciting tone of voice he uses.  They like the way he breaks everything down to be easy to understand for young minds.

He does not yell, use sarcasm, or expect more than they can give.

And I find when I am trying to get my toddler to do something for me, I have a better success rate when I talk like Steve.

“Benjamin, go put your sock away.”  This rarely works.

“Benjamin!  Hi!  Can you find your sock??”  (He looks at sock)

“Great!  Can you put your hand on your sock??”  (He puts his hand on the sock.)

“Awesome!  Do you know where your dirty clothes hamper is??  I bet you do!!!”  (He points to his room)

“You’re amazing!  Grab the sock and go put it away, buddy!!”  (He skips off to obey.)

*Much applause and cheering ensues*

Hey, it works.  And sometimes, you just need something that works.

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