I Need To Show You Something *Update #4&5*


I haven’t been feeling the greatest since, well, since about the day before I got on the train to come back home from Missouri.  Those durn HCG levels, I tell ya.  I get sick if I don’t eat, and I get sick if I do.  The only time I feel good is while I’m eating, if it’s something that looks good to me.  And there isn’t much of that.  And then, of course, if I overeat I feel even worse.  It’s a fine line that’s bound to get crossed.

So during the course of all this sickness, I have managed to somewhat cook for the family (somewhat), and keep up with the laundry and the diaper changes and the diaper washes.  But one thing has fallen off my to-do list entirely.


Unfortunately, Josh is also extremely busy recently with creating labs, teaching labs, grading labs, doing homework, doing projects… the usual grad school stuff.  So he hasn’t been doing dishes either.

I fed the kids breakfast this morning on paper plates.  And realized someone had to do something.  And since Josh left at 5am this morning to finish a project that was technically due last night, that someone was me.

So I’m postponing Meet-and-Greet until the dishes are done, to motivate me.  And to motivate you to motivate me. And I’m going to post pictorial progress, to help me see that slowly, but surely, they are getting done.  And, of course, to break up the monotony that is doing dishes for four hours straight.

My progress thus far:

Bowls and silverware. Every bowl and spoon we own.

The load in the sink:

Every salad and dinner plate we own.

The many loads yet to come:

Every cup and mug we own along with just about everything else we own.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to find a small something to eat because I need to make this sick feeling go away again so I can do more DISHES.


The bowls and silverware have been dried and put away. Plates have been rinsed.

A sinkful of cups and mugs:

Lots left to do:

Of course, I took a small break to cuddle and play and change a diaper. Back to work!

**Update #2**

After more than a brief break to make lunch for the kids, put Benjamin in time-out for throwing quesadillas, make lunch for myself, not finish lunch for myself because Benjamin decided it was naptime, put Benjamin to sleep, and then finish my lunch, I got back to dishes.

I dried and put away the plates and washed/rinsed two sinkfuls of cups and mugs:

Filled the sink with new, fresh, hot, soapy water and crammed in as many miscellaneous plastic items as would fit:

The end is in sight! Maybe two more sinkfuls?

And, really, the fact that someone out there is actually following this post gives me the motivation to finish. Plus, I had Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup for lunch. Feelin’ good! It was my last can though…

***Update #3***

I was able to get a sink-load done pretty quickly with Benjamin asleep. Only had to stop briefly to ooh and aah over the letters Olivia was making on her magna-doodle (so smart!)

My accomplishment:

The load ready to be washed:

And I think I can cram the rest into one sinkful, which will make me DONE!

And yes, there are Legos on the counter, and yes, I have to wash them. They were bath toys a couple weeks back. And our kids are notorious for their inability to control bodily functions in warm bathwater.

Unfortunately, both kids are awake now, so these last two loads may have SEVERAL interuptions…

And also, the effects of the soup are wearing off. The sick feeling is rising in my esophagus and the bad taste just won’t leave my mouth. I keep eating Twix to keep it at bay. It’s a really temporary solution.

Well, I was right. The last load was horrendously stretched out, due to multiple interruptions and a certain 19 month old who clung to my knees and whined when he couldn’t think of anything else to do.

And I tried to update before my last load, but Picasa stopped responding and the only thing that fixed it was a reboot, which I didn’t attempt until I was done. So here are my last two updates, combined.

****Update #4****

The finished load from my last update, which had to be dried and put away so I could rinse and dry this load:

After that, only a few more things!

*****Update #5*****

If I counted right, I think that’s my sixth sink-load (fifth rack-load) of dishes. Took, what, eight hours? Don’t tell me it’s not a full time job to stay at home… don’t even think it.

Clean! Empty!

Clean! Empty! I’m done!

… I bet those durn family members of mine want some kind of supper now…

(Will update with more pictures. Stay tuned!)

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