It Works For Me, But I’m Open To Suggestions


My spices live in a tall, skinny, skyscraper of a cupboard.  It’s narrow, so fancy schmancy pull-down spice organizers will not work for me.  It is deep, so if say, the cumin is all the way in the back, I have to remove the black pepper, red pepper, oregano, lemon pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, basil, season salt… you get the idea.  It’s messy.  And annoying.

So I put them in baskets.  See?

It still wasn’t perfect.  It was hard to recognize the spices from their caps.  So I would end up pulling them all out one-by-one just the same.  Until…


Inspiration struck.

It’s not perfect – there are far too many black lids for my liking.  But it’s immensely helpful.  And it works for me.

But I’m open to suggestions.  How do you store your spices?  (Keep in mind I have no wall space or counter space.)

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