The Amazing $32 Stuff-Loaded Table


All that. For $32. Let me explain:

This is the food part, accrued from Kroger’s and Aldi’s. The food part of our adventures today totaled $35.78.

Then I walked into CVS today with the mission to spend $40 in ECBs that were expiring on Friday. I had to get things I would either use or be able to give away. And I wanted to get as close to $40 ECB back as possible. I got $35.95 back. Behold:

I finally got the scrub brush I’ve been eyeing for bathtub and kitchen floor purposes. and that half-eaten stress-ball was Benjamin’s free entertainment for the day. The Burt’s Bees lip gloss was clearanced (Yippee!). The aspirin? I was only going to get two. I promise. But the cashier wouldn’t let me. “You need to go get three more,” she said insisted. Oh well, I’ll donate it to Red Cross or something. Altogether, I paid $0.89 out of pocket.

According to Walgreen’s, March has begun. And with it, a whole new array of monthly freebies (after rebate). With coupons and a previous month’s rebate, I still had to pay $33.64. But I’ll be getting $50.98 back. Because I consider the previous month’s rebate as “cash,” I figured I [only] made $4.50 today. All on these glorious goodies:

The parts I’m especially excited about: the Yes To Carrots body butter and the Garnier eye serum (it’s supposed to make sleep-deprived, dark-circled, puffy eyes look all better).

Subtract $4.50 from $35.78, and add the $0.89 from CVS and the grand total for today’s shopping excursion comes to….


*The crowd goes wild*

And what are we eating on this ridiculously low grocery bill?

M – Honey Glazed Chicken Stir-fry
Tu – Chicken Tortilla Casserole
W – Calzones
Th – Lentil and Ham Soup
F – Homemade Pizza
Sa – Roast Chicken
Su – Split Pea Soup


(For more Menu Planners, click here.)

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