The Average Shopper Would Have Spent $110.13


I made $0.15.

Me gusto CVS.

I won’t bore you with the details, since most of it was a monthly deal, (last month’s deals – yeah, I was there January 31, that’s how I roll), I’ll just tell you this:

I had $32.99 in coupons

(Including a $15/75, a $4/20, and a $2/10 – my CVS just eliminated the stacking of $/$$ coupons unless your total equals the sum of the denominators of said monetary fractions)

(That’s me trying to sound mathematical)

(But anyway, I was starting to feel guilty with the obnoxious stacking of $/$$ coupons.  I’m glad they hold me accountable now.)

And I made $77.29 in ECBs.

So…. (more math!)

– 77.29 ECBs earned
- 32.99 coupons used
(-) 0.15!

(I would have made $3 more, upon studying my receipt, if they had not TOTALLY SKIPPED OVER AN AMAZING $3 GARNIER COUPON.)

(I know I had two when I left home.  I now have none.  Yet only one shows up on the receipt.  Sadness.)

And then I went to Walgreens, and I thought I was going to make mucho dinero on this deal:

Everything but the Jane makeup and the Chapstick was free after rebate.

The Chapstick was $2 with a $2 Register Reward.

The Jane makeup was SUPPOSED to be $2.74, on sale.  It turns out only TWO OF THEM rang up that way.  So my $2 Jane coupons, combined with my $5/20 Walgreen’s coupon (only good on the 31st, sorry), didn’t give me a money-maker.  Nope, I ended up spending  $7.05.

But don’t you worry.   I’ll be back.  Oh, they won’t get the last laugh, no sirree.

And I’m tempted to go back to CVS and make them dig through their coupons to find my other $3 Garnier AND MAKE THEM REIMBURSE ME.

Thank you for letting me vent.

I’m gonna go eat me some Doritos and pop open a Cherry Pepsi.


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