And I Thought I Was Jinxing The Whole Thing…


(If I wasn’t then, I sure am now…)

I was all set to wait another six months for Olivia to accomplish the … other half … of potty training.

But no! Nope! I was wrong!

She came up to me after lunch today, handed me her diaper, went in, did her business, and then we proceeded to throw the biggest potty party you’ve ever seen.

Yep – she got FIVE marshmallows, she did.


And on an only slightly unrelated note, I got to hear what that Natural Family Show would sound like if ever a producer got the urge to come record a snippet of our daily life.

Due to a strange twist of fate, I had a friend’s digital recorder on my person upon returning home from MOPS today. Thinking it was off (because I could have sworn I turned it off.) I set it on the dining room table and went about my normalcy.

An hour later, I saw a red light glowing from that general area and realized what I’d done.

There was a lot of baby-cooing, Olivia-chattering, and general nonsensical gibberish issuing forth from my own mouth.

And apparently I was really excited about the training pants that came in the mail for Olivia. I mentioned them no less than 40 times.

“Look, you have underwear!” “Pretty pink underwear!” “Should I wash your underwear so you can wear your underwear?!”

Yes, I will now go the rest of the day without saying the word “underwear“.

Because I have gone over my limit.

And there will be applicable overage charges.

But overall, listening to that thing made me smile. And chuckle. Because I love my life.

And yes, I will be sharing it with Josh.

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