Works For Me: My New “Dryer”


Yeah, I don’t have a dryer. Did you get excited? Sorry.

In case you didn’t already know (and you must not frequent my blog if you don’t – because it is one thing I do like to complain about), I don’t have a dryer. I don’t have a dryer hook-up. I don’t even technically have a washer hook-up.

(Good thing I married me a handy-dandy engineer.)

So for the past year and a half, I have been using drying racks (during inclimate weather only, of course – but living in the Midwest, “inclimate weather” takes up a good half the year). They consume a large portion of our living room. And the clothes take a day or two to dry, depending on the thickness of the fabric.

Lately, I’ve been glaring at my drying racks. When I hang pants and towels, they prevent anything else from drying, as they touch everything beneath them and trap in moisture.

Then, while strolling down the aisles at Wal-Mart (which I don’t let myself do too often, and for this very reason), I saw something I absolutely had to have.

And for once, my husband agreed with me.


Look! Look how little space they take up! And I can hang them right above the heating vent. And the pants? When they hang, they do not cover or touch anything beneath them! (We measured this to be absolutely sure – Josh even got out a plumb line to make sure they were straight.)

And look! Look what I can do when they are not in use (Which has yet to happen since the day I took this picture)! They fold so nicely into the wall!

I even moved that microwave cart and set up a fan to blow on them. The clothes that used to take two days to dry now only take half a day!

DEFINITELY works for me.

Anybody out there also dryer-challenged? Anybody? I would appreciate knowing I’m not the only one in the 21st century that hangs my clothes to dry every single day.

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