Loving What You’ve Got: Finding Storage When There Is None To Be Had


I have to admit, we are not short on closets. I know some have it worse (*cough* Jes *cough*). But four people living in a two bedroom apartment… two of whom are constantly growing out of clothes and toys and equipment in general. And then needing more. I find myself coveting attics, basements, and garages.

In my quest to love my apartment regardless of what others may have that is better, newer, and more spacious, I have had to be rather creative in storing all the little onesies, bouncers, and blankets.

Then I ran out of space. The closets were full of old clothes and a stroller that only seats one (Ah, those were the days – when I could fit down an aisle in Penny’s!). Underneath the bed, you’ll find maternity clothes, off-season clothes, air mattresses, and more. Under the crib is where we keep the baby bath and random baby toys that Benjamin has outgrown.

And you’ll never guess what’s under the couch. Tools. Yep, that’s where Josh stores his tools.

But where do I put the diapers that no one was using? I must have circled the apartment a good dozen times before realizing the gold mine that was in front of me the whole time:

The pack n’ play, a.k.a. changing table (Whoa, that’s a lot of punctuation for a fragment of a sentence.).

With the bassinet feature in place, it is a two-tiered storage unit. On the top we have baby blankets and a wide assortment of pants that are not quite clean, yet not dirty enough to be thrown in the hamper. In the lower level I found my solution to the diaper-storage-quandary. And bonus: The bottom of the pack ‘n play is the perfect place to store dangerously non-edible diaper creams.

For all you family apartment-dwellers out there, I hope this helps. Of course, you probably thought of this ages ago. And if that is the case, I ask you, “Why didn’t you write a Works-For-Me post so I could know, too?!”

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