It Feels GOOD To Be Back In The CVS Game


Two weeks off and surprisingly I didn’t run out of … anything. Even after I gave away some surplus supplies to a mommy-in-love who just happened to be hosting like THIRTEEN people this past Thanksgiving weekend. I thought maybe she could use some extra soap. And deodorant. And … makeup. And I needed the extra space in my closet.

But I had me a $29 ECB to blow this week at CVS. And that was a CHALLENGE. Because I am that good at saving money.

No, actually, credit needs to go where it is due. God gets the glory first – no one else could have kept all the goodies in stock when they would have normally been sold out in the wee hours of Sunday morning. I used to pray before each CVS trip, but had gotten out of the habit. Just a simple prayer that my efforts be rewarded (because it DOES require effort to plan these trips). And surprisingly, He does listen to the CVS prayers of the faithful. Everything I needed/wanted was in stock.

Second, if you haven’t frequented Money Saving Mom yet and are interested in starting this whole CVS addiction hobby, I highly encourage you to do so. She points out all the good deals and gives online coupons to make them even sweeter. Such a blessing!

I feel like I won an Oscar. When all I did was save $75.47. (At least that’s what the bottom of my receipt says.)

And here’s how:

2 CG Incredifull lipstick @ $7.49 each = 14.98
2 AAA Duracell batteries 8pk @ $5.29 each = 10.58
1 Charmin 4pk toilet paper = $2.49
2 Kashi TLC crackers @ 2.50 each = $5
Gillette fusion razor = 9.99
2 Garnier face wash @ 5.99 each = 11.98
5 CVS cough drops @ 0.99 each = 4.95
2 boxes candy canes (generic 12ct) @ 0.99 each = 1.98
1 box mini candy canes (Dum Dum brand) = 2.99
(I needed the candy canes to decorate my Christmas tree and to fill my Advent calendar)

Total: 64.94 (so in order to have saved $75.47, they must have considered pre-sale prices).

The lipstick was buy one get one free, so subtract $7.49: $57.45

coupons: $4/20, $2/10, two $0.75 for Duracell, $0.25 for Charmin, $7.49 (b1g1 CG), $2 CG crt (those coupons found at the end of your receipt), $4 for Gillete, two $2 for Kashi, $1 for Garnier = $26.24

New total: 31.21

Paid with a $29 ECB and $2.09 out of pocket to cover the rest.

ECBs earned this trip: $5 for the Proctor and Gamble deal (buy $20 get $5), $6 for the Gillette razor, $4.95 for the cough drops, $6 for the Garnier products ($3 each): $21.95

Total lost (in ECBs and cash): $9.26

Now, I could have saved $6 more by splitting the transaction into 2 orders and using another $4/20 and $2/10. I also got home and found a $3/15 I could have stacked on each order, bringing the additional coupon savings up to $12. That means I would have made about $3.

And I only threw the second Garnier and candy canes in to get my total above $29. See, when you use an ECB of that magnitude, you can’t get any change back. So I could have made some money here, but ended up “spending” around $10.

But when you consider the money I made last time, I’m still in the black.

So for those of you who don’t have an awkward $29 ECB, go ahead and make some money!

Here are the goods:

(The Fruit 2O’s are from a previous week when the were B1G1.  I had bought their last three and simply got a rain check for the three free ones.)

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