Loving What You’ve Got: The Dining Room CARPET


A couple weeks ago, I said I would start a series on loving what you’ve got. It’s a series to help keep me in the right frame of mind when it comes to the apartment I reside in and will most likely still be residing in for a couple (maybe even a few?) more years. So these are tips I have come up with to make it more livable. I am trying to write them in a positive light. For my own emotional benefit. After all, I’m supposed to be Loving What I’ve Got. But it ain’t easy sometimes…

So last time I mentioned I use a door mat to keep my kitchen mess from being tracked into my CARPETed dining room.

And I may have also mentioned that I think it’s CRAZY TO PUT CARPET IN A DINING ROOM.

*Deep Breaths*

Quick, what’s a positive for a carpeted dining room?

Warm feet on a cold winter morning.

(Don’t remind me that an area rug on a hardwood floor would also do the trick.)

Anywho. I have a toddler. A toddler who really could care less what kind of mess she makes at the table (the table on the CARPETed dining room floor). I spend most mealtimes telling her to Please turn around. Please put your legs in front of you. Please keep your dinner on the table.

I also have a baby. A baby who, as soon as I put him down on the floor, rushes as fast as his little hands and knees can take him over to the glorious feast laid out for him under that high chair.

So I needed a way 1) keep Olivia’s dinner from staining the carpet and 2) keep Benjamin from eating foods that the Baby Book tells me he’s not old enough to eat.

And I found my answer in a bath towel.

(Can I just sing the praises of bath towels for a minute here? They keep the carseats level. They keep the cold air from seeping through the cracks on the sliding door. They keep the crib mattress flush against our bed. They even *gasp* dry me off after a shower.)

And now, the bath towel has found another purpose in our house. Thank you, Lord, for our plethera of bath towels.

Here’s is our bath towel solution:

It catches the crumbs and spilt juice. I fold it up in 1.2 seconds flat, take it outside, give it a good shake, and then lay it back down again. Good as new. And when it gets too dirty to put back under the chair, it just gets tossed in the wash. (Make sure it’s always a dark-colored towel.)

Yes, I know you can buy mats to go under the high chair. But you have to sweep and wipe them. And they can’t go in the wash (or can they?). And I would have to buy them.

So I use a bath towel. Works for me!

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