Hello. My Name is Beth. I am a Coupon Addict.


At this point, it is a compulsion. It is a habit. It is a hobby. I DO NOT NEED THIS STUFF. Yet I cannot stop.

Two Cover Girl foundations @ 5.49 each
Two Cover Girl concealers @ 4.59 each
One Caress 12 oz Glowing Touch body wash @ 3.49 ea

Total before coupons and taxes: $23.65

Buy 1 foundation, get 1 concealer free
Buy 1 foundation, get 1 concealer free
$1 off Caress body wash
$4 off a purchase of $20

Total after coupons: $9.47

ECB’s (Extra Care Bucks) Received:
$5 for purchasing $15 in Cover Girl cosmetics
$2 for purchasing Caress body wash

Total after subtracting ECBs: $2.47

Can’t wait to try my Glowing body wash. (It’s the little things, guys).


Transaction #1:
Herbal Essence shampoo 23.7 oz @ 6.67
Herbal Essence conditioner 23.7 oz @ 6.67
Herbal Essence 2in1 23.7 oz @ 6.66

Total before coupons, RRs (Register Rewards*), and tax: $20

Buy 2 Herbal Essence shampoos or conditioners, get 1 free

Total after coupon: 13.34

Received $10 RR for purchasing $20 in participating hair products (see ad for details)

Total after subtracting RR: $3.34

Transaction #2:
Benadryl 48ct Kapseals @ 6.00
Extra Strength Tylenol Rapid Release 100ct @ 7.50
Motrin IB 100ct @ 7.50
(Note: Do NOT get the 100+50ct that advertise 50% more free. They have a different UPC and will not qualify for Register Rewards.)
Neosporin .5oz @ 4.00
Orajel training toothpaste (floride free) 2 oz @ 3.99
Orajel training toothpaste (floride free) 2 oz @ FREE (B1G1 free sale!)
Aquafresh Dr. Seuss child’s toothbrush @ 2.79
Aquafresh Dr. Seuss child’s toothbrush @ 2.79

Total before taxes, coupons, RR’s, and MIRs (Mail-in-Rebates): 34.57

$0.75 off Aquafresh child’s toothbrush
$5 Tylenol coupon (After printing the first, go back and print a second)
$5 Tylenol coupon (Alas, two is all you can print from one computer)
$5 Tylenol MIR (Be sure to make sure you have a receipt for at least three of the qualifying items on the form. I am using a receipt for the Children’s Tylenol that I bought at CVS a couple weeks ago. Just make sure the purchase was made between 9/30 and 12/30.)
Coupon in Walgreen’s ad that brings the price of the toothbrushes down to $0.99 each (-$3.60)

Total after coupons and MIR’s: 15.22

Subtract $10 RR from previous order: $5.22

Received $10 RR for purchasing $25 in participating products (see ad for details).

Total spent out of pocket for both transactions: $18.56; plus I have a $10 RR to spend on the next great deal Walgreen’s throws at me. So if you count my pocketed RR as profit, my total was only $8.56 for $47.91 in goods. Not the best deal ever, but we really needed the toddler toothpaste and toothbrushes.

Combine the CVS savings with the Walgreen’s deals and I walked away with $78.22 in products and only paid $11.03. Again, the amount I spent would be cut about in half if only we hadn’t needed the toothpaste and toothbrushes for our toddler. How ironic that we have a huge duffel bag full of toothpaste and toothbrushes, yet we have to continue to spend $4 for 4 oz of fluoride-free for our toddler.

Did you shop the deals this week? How’d you do?


*Register Rewards are coupons that print out at the end of your transaction. They are as good as cash, but can only be used at Walgreen’s. They are Walgreen’s equivalent of ECB’s. These deals are advertised in the weekly Walgreen’s ad. For a complete tutorial on how to shop at Walgreen’s, read Crystal’s blog.

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