Get Thee to CVS (and Walgreens)


How now? Wouldst thou likest to save over $120? Prithee, lend me thy ear and I will teach thee my ways!

First, bridle thy fastest stallion and make heed for CVS.

HALT. Didst thou remember thy coupons? Send back thy manservant at once.

Right. Back to thy local CVS.

Now, I must warn thee so that thou wouldst not keel over at the news, but by my faith, CVS hath several good deals! If thou purchasest $20 in certain products, they will giveth HALF OF IT BACK TO THEE (in Extra Care Bucks (which can then be used to buy anything thy heart desireth from CVS (but to make the most of it, prithee dost turn around and use it on another deal that will give thee more Extra Care Bucks (ECBs)))).

Thy first transaction shall consist of the following:

3 Halls Pro Health Defense @ $4 each = $12
4 Halls Naturals @ $2 each = $8

Thou hast now reached the desired total of $20. Beseech thy coupon organizer for two coupons for the aforementioned items totaling $1.35. Dost thou wish to savest another $4? Then thee shouldst have printed one of these before leaving the castle. For his lack of forethought, thy manservant must be punished.

After hiring a more worthy assistant and awaiting his return with a good-sized stock of $4 coupons, continue with thy transaction.

Thy new total is $14.65. Behold! Thy purse containeth an ECB of $14! Payest thy bill of $0.65 and receivest thy $10 ECB. Thy minions cheer thy efforts.

But thou art not done. Transaction #2:

Robitussin cough and cold 8 oz = $6
DayQuil 20ct = $6
Airborne Seasonal Relief 16ct = $9

Thy total is $21. Thy manservant cowers, but thou reassurest him that he hath no need for fear: ‘Twas not possible to attain a total closer to $20. He hath served you well.

Thy total is reduced by a $1.50 Dayquil coupon from yon local Sunday paper inserts. And a $3 Robitussin coupon can be sought here. After thy trusty $4 coupon, thy total is now $12.50. Thou payest with thy $10 ECB, and givest thy cashier her pittance: a mere $2.50.

Thou art but half-done. Ignore the calls for extra cashiers to alleviate the back-up thou hast caused. Thou art saving money.

Transaction #3

Children’s Tylenol 4oz = $5.50
Children’s Tylenol Plus Cold 4oz = $5.50
Motrin 80-100ct = $9

Thy manservant beameth. Thou beamest back. Thy total is $20. Handest the cashier thy $3 Tylenol coupon, trusty $4 coupon, and the $10 ECB from thy last order. Hark! Thy new total is but $3.

Thou art almost done.

Transaction #4:

Charmin Ultra 12 big rolls= $5.99
Bounty 8 pk = $6.49
Pantene hairspray = $3.67
Puffs tissues = $0.99×3 = $2.97
Dawn 12.6oz = $0.99

Thy total is $20.11. Once again, naught could be closer to $20, given the products available. Well done. Handest over thy $0.25 Bounty coupon, $0.25 Charmin coupon, $0.50 Puffs coupon, $0.50 Dawn coupon, $1 Pantene coupon, trusty $4 coupon, and $10 ECB. Thy new and final total is $3.61. However, this deal offereth a lowly $5 ECB.

As thou makest ready to leave the store, on a whim, thou criest out, “Doth thou offer any more free stuff, CVS?!”

And they will answer: “Aye! Yonder Beano! And mouthwash!”


Transaction #5:

Beano To-Go 12 ct = 2.99
Crest ProHealth Night mouthwash 250mL = 3.29

“And doth thou offer any more ECB, CVS?”

“Aye! $3 in gratitude of thy business this past summer!” (Dost thou not know CVS giveth a percentage of thine expenditures back?!)

Thy cashier asketh for $6.28; thou givest thy $3 ECB and payest $3.28. Thy cashier giveth thee $6.28 in ECB. Thou hast made $3.

On to Walgreen’s with a vengeance! Bursting through the front doors, thou repeatest thy victory cry, “Giveth me thy free stuff!”

And they shall pileth thy booty upon thee:

Colgate Total Advanced Clean Toothpaste 4.2 oz
Pepcid Max Strength AC or Complete 8ct
Beano to Go 12 ct
Buckley’s 4 oz chest congestion or cough syrup
Breathe Again Nasal Spray 3.3 oz

Garnier Fructis 25.4oz
Ameal BP Capsules, 60 ct.

Thy faithful manservant handeth over a $1 coupon for Garnier Fructis (from thy local Sunday paper), a $1.50 coupon for Colgate Total, a $1 coupon for Beano, yet another $1 coupon for Beano (store coupons art compatible with manufacturer coupons, Marry!), and a $1 coupon for Pepcid AC.

The friendly wench behind the counter may asketh you for $52.33. But knowest in thy heart, dear mistriss, as thou handest over but $47.83, that thou hast made $4.50 in this, thy final transaction. Takest thou of the EasySaver book. Keepest thy receipt. Before the month is out, thou wilst mail in for a full rebate of all thy Walgreen’s bounty.


If all has gone according to plan, thou hast paid $14.06; and thou hast saved $127.66!


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