How to [Happily] Co-Sleep


Ever since I brought my little screaming ball of fury beautiful, love-of-my life daughter home from the hospital, I knew it wouldn’t do to have her sleeping across the room. Waking up every two hours and leaving the comfort of my bed just to feed her? I might as well be mixing formula! What’s the good of nursing if you have to get up to do it?

So we brought her to bed with us. I loved it. She loved it. My husband… put up with it. He knew it gave me more sleep, so he never complained. But there were subtle little nuances.

“Should we try putting her in the crib tonight? See how she does? Maybe she’ll sleep through the night.” (Which she refused to do, by the way, until she was a year old.)

So I looked into co-sleeper products that would give my husband back our bed. However, we already had a crib and a pack-n-play. We didn’t have the room or the budget for another bed for our baby!

Thankfully, my husband resident engineer walked past the computer while I was researching co-sleepers and said, “Hey, I could make one of those.”

I love it when he says that!

This is what he did:

He took the sliding side of the crib off, tested the stability, and deemed it sturdy. He then proceeded to push it up to the side of our bed.

Yes, that’s a door at the head of the crib. No, it’s not attached to anything. I got sick of it falling off the cheap-apartment-closet-door-guide-thingies. So I removed it.

While admiring his accomplishment, I noticed there was now a three-inch gap between the crib mattress and our own. I pushed the crib mattress flush against ours, took four rolled up towels, and filled in the gap between the crib mattress and the crib railing.

Voila. Instant co-sleeper.

All the benefits of co-sleeping. No extra money. Nothing extra to store. And (Bonus!) it got her used to the crib, so that when it was time for her to move to her own room, she got to take the familiarity of her bed with her.

Works for me!

(Works for Benjamin, too!)

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