Never Clean That Bathroom Sink Again


The soap scum. The hair. The rust. The hard-water buildup. And that’s just the sink. The mirror above has its own coating of grime thanks to the over-zealous splashing I give it every time I wash my face.

I used to clean it once a week. I would break out the bleach, the trusty scrubby pad, the Windex, and the rag. And I would donate more than my fair share of elbow grease to the sink-cleaning cause.

But no more.

My secret?

It involves a hand towel. And 30 seconds of my time.

Every night after I’m done with the sink, I wipe down the counter, mirror, and sink with a hand towel. I then put up a fresh hand towel, step back and admire my fresh, sparkling, clean sink.*

As a mommy of two (two and under), I find that I don’t have the 15 minutes it takes to deep clean a sink, even if it is only weekly. But 30 seconds at the end of the day? Totally doable.

Works for me!

*For best results, start with a clean sink!

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