How To Chop An Onion


Who likes cutting onions? Anyone? Anyone?

They make you cry. They have those annoying rings which fall apart. They are slippery and make wielding a big knife rather dangerous. And yet, they are crucial in so many recipes.

Behold! I give you: the best possible way to chop an onion! The least tear-inducing, time-consuming, finger-losing method and I’m going to share it with you!

First: Get out Big Sharp Knife, cutting board, and onion. Chop off ONE (and only one) end of the onion.

Second: Remove outer layer. I find that removing the entire outer layer is easier than trying to remove the papery-thin peel.

Third: Using Big Sharp Knife, slice onion horizontally (or vertically, I won’t be picky), but not all the way down! Leave the last centimeter or so uncut or the whole thing will fall apart and I will have taught you nothing.

Fourth: Now turn the onion 90 degrees and slice again, using Big Sharp Knife. (Again – not all the way down or you will have ruined the entire effort)

Also, if you have a deep fryer, you can make one of those cool fried onion flowers at this point.

And lastly: Slice onion all the way down. Make sure you hold the pieces steady – this can be a bit tricky. But overall, I prefer this method to … most others.

I do love the food chopper from the Pampered Chef, but if an onion is the only thing I’m chopping, I would rather use the knife as it’s easier to wash.

Works for me!

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