Make Your Own Baby Wipes


Even after we switched to cloth diapers, we continued to use commercial disposable wipes because we thought people who used cloth wipes were crazy.

Then Olivia got The Rash That Refused To Go Away. We talked with a friend and she suggested that perhaps Olivia had become allergic to commercial wipes. We, having never heard of that, shrugged it off.

Then we went to the doctor and showed her the rash. The doctor suggested that perhaps Olivia had become allergic to commercial wipes. We, having heard that before, paid attention. We went back to our original friend and got her recipe for cloth wipes and we have been using it ever since.

You can use this recipe with baby washcloths from the dollar store, with cut up paper towels, or you could buy cloth wipes made from bamboo, and, according to this site,

“Bamboo fibers have natural antibacterial elements that naturally fight bacteria growth in your baby wipes.”

We like the sound of that. We bought them on sale, however, because full price can be a bit high.

And here’s the recipe :
2 cups HOT tap water
2 Tbs baby wash
2 Tbs baby oil

Mix well and pour half over wipes. Wait ten minutes, turn the stack of wipes over, and pour remaining solution over wipes.

This is the basic recipe, that, believe it or not, I actually later found in an Amish home remedy book! You can add to it to make it more personal. We add 3 drops lavender oil for a good scent, and 6 drops tea tree oil for its antiseptic and antifungal properties.

When our second was born before our first was out of diapers, we began doubling the recipe and keeping it in a quart-sized plastic water bottle. Now I only have to make it a once or twice a week rather than every other day.

Do make sure that you use up the wipes in less than a week or they may start to smell a bit funky.

Not only is this cheaper than commercial baby wipes, but it is also better for my baby’s bottom, and the environment, too!

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